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Welcome to Netsurf Direct - India's Leading Direct Selling Company
We are glad that you have chosen Netsurf Direct as your career path. Netsurf Direct is one of India’s leading direct-selling companies. We have been successfully carrying out our operations for the past 23 years. Over these glorious years, Netsurf Direct has bagged many accolades and achievements, each of which has been possible thanks to a strong network of dedicated and passionate DIRECT SELLERS LIKE YOU. Netsurf Direct’s growth is a result of our collective efforts. Now, it’s time for you to join hands with us and progress with us in your professional journey. In order to do this, we, as direct sellers, must first reconsider our plans and objectives. Remember, the key to success is a strong start. Without further ado, let’s start fresh by devising a well-thought-out strategy to reach our goals. One thing is clear: We all start our career journey with defined goals. Starting a career without having a vision and mission is like cutting a tree without sharpening your axe. Through the guidance of this comprehensive handbook, you will be able to define your life’s Mission, Vision, and goals. You will also be able to identify the areas you need to focus on for success. If you have the right mindset, Netsurf Direct can help you achieve your life’s goals. This resource will also provide valuable insights into understanding yourself better. Having meticulously analyzed 23 years of successful experiences, this handbook is a valuable tool designed to guide you through the pitfalls and obstacles, ensuring you make informed decisions. By dedicating daily time to its contents, you can significantly increase your chances of achieving remarkable success.
Get ready for an exciting new journey with Netsurf Direct!
“Success is often achieved by those who do not know that
failure is inevitable.” - Coco Chanel
So What Exactly Is Direct Selling?
Direct selling is nothing but a product distribution system. Direct selling typically involves selling products directly to consumers faceto- face or through personal connections. As of 2023, the global direct-selling industry stands at $190 billion. The direct selling industry in India has crossed Rs 19,000 crores and is growing at a CAGR of 5.3% on a year-on-year basis. By the year 2025, the direct selling industry in India is expected to cross a whopping Rs 64,000 crores. As of now, there are around 84 lakh people in India who are involved in the direct selling business, and the number is expected to grow in the near future.

Direct selling is effective because it relies on the firsthand experience and conviction of sellers. These sellers have used the product themselves and can share authentic testimonials and personalized insights with potential buyers. This direct relationship between the seller and consumer cultivates a stronger sense of trust and reliability in the products being offered.
In the world of direct selling, personal connections are crucial. Maintaining solid relationships is the foundation of our business. Each of our products has a unique story; every independent direct seller shares these stories as an ambassador.

Why Netsurf Direct?
Netsurf Direct isn’t just any direct selling company. It’s a vision with a clear purpose - to provide you with an opportunity that can redefine your career. Since its inception, Netsurf Direct has always believed in selling products through direct selling. Our goal is to enable millions across India to achieve financial independence. We strive to positively change people’s lives through our high-quality products and rewarding business prospects. Trusted by over 2.5 million consumers, we operate in 633 districts and 5000 blocks with captive manufacturing facilities, offering a diverse range of over 90 natural products. Netsurf Direct always has and continues to support its sellers in their journey toward becoming successful micro-entrepreneurs.

Direct Selling

Direct Selling is a business of product distribution and retail which takes place away from retail set-up. (In direct selling, an individual called direct seller purchases products from Netsurf Direct and sells them to consumers directly.)

Direct Seller

A direct seller is an individual who is authorized by Netsurf Direct to conduct its business of direct selling.


The consumer is the individual who purchases the products offered by Netsurf Direct for his or her personal consumption.

Reference No.

When an individual becomes a direct seller of Netsurf Direct, he receives his unique identification number called Reference No. It lasts for a lifetime for the newly added direct seller.

Consumer ID

When an individual purchases the products of Netsurf Direct using any of the online or offline channels, he needs to create a consumer login in the system by adding certain personal details on the website. On logging in, he receives a Consumer ID.

Business Cycle

The Business Cycle is a period inter val of 15 days. At Netsurf Direct, the direct sellers receive their commissions in every business cycle i.e. in every 15 days.


Payout is the sum of all profits, bonuses and commissions received by a direct seller every 15 days i.e. in every business cycle.

Discounted Price

M.R.P. of a product – the discount offered on the sale of the product.

Net Value

Discounted Price – GST applicable on the sale of the product.

Business Value/Reflected Turnover

Net Value – Retail profit earned by the direct seller on the sale of the product. The business value or turnover is considered to calculate the business commission therefore, it is also called a 'reflected turnover'.

Stock Point

Stock points are the individual product availability centres across India from where the individual direct sellers can physically purchase the products. Netsurf currently has more than 250 stock points across all states of India.


An Up line is a senior direct seller who is positioned above a particular direct seller in the tree of the network.


A downline is a junior direct seller who is positioned below a particular direct seller in the tree of the network.


The individuals that are appointed in the business by a direct seller are called his generation-1. The individuals appointed by your generation-1 are called your generation-2. Netsurf’s Direct Selling business considers 7 such generations for income.


R&R is a short term used for Roles & Responsibilities. These are the functions a direct seller is supposed to perform to train and manage his team’s performance effectively.

How to create a dream board
Understanding the organizational structure - where do you stand
Conduct various activities
Distributor communication management
Periodical Follow-Ups
Building your Prospect List
Identifying the correct prospects is crucial for success in Netsurf Direct Business. Create target-specific lists for business and consumer prospects using the explained list format. Utilize the Netsurf Direct App to manage your Prospect List effectively.
Effective Prospect Calls
Master the art of inviting business and consumer prospects through strategic and well-crafted invitation calls.
Strategic Meeting Scheduling
Adopt a professional approach by scheduling appointments before meetings for a polished presentation and improved chances of successful closures.
Engaging Prospect Activities and Presentations
Arrange tailored presentations like NBOP for business prospects and SAMVAD for consumer prospects, considering demographic classification and product requisites.
Timely Follow-up
Understand the importance of timely follow-ups, as outlined, to maintain active engagement and nurture potential leads effectively.
Post-sale Service Strategies
Recognize the significance of after-sale services for both consumers and direct sellers. This involves guiding consumers to download the Netsurf Direct World App, addressing queries, gathering feedback, facilitating repeat orders, and encouraging testimonials.
For direct sellers, support them in downloading the Netsurf Direct App, creating Dream Boards, generating prospect lists, providing product and field training, boosting confidence through family visits, offering technology training, and introducing them to regional company officials.
Become a Direct Seller