Mr. Vitthal Bhausaheb Anwat
Nashik, Maharashtra.
Total area: Irrigated land - 3 acres
Mr. Vitthal Anvat is a graduate farmer who grows tomatoes every year. During the current year's Kharif season, he selected a tomato variety for 1-acre plot(Meghdoot Dhaj-2048 variety). He planted the seedlings parallely using plastic munching technique.

The tomato crop needed special care as heavy rains or cloudy weather cause various crop diseases, and caterpillars, serpentine leaf miner, fruit borers and pests damage the crop on a large scale. This increased the cost of fungicides and pesticides, too. Excessive use of chemicals reduced the natural immunity of the crop and the sustainability of the fruit.
This year, Mr. Anwat used Biofit products during the growing stage of the crop. Through drip irrigation, he made the use of Biofit NPK and Biofit Farm twice, at an interval of one month. This improved the soil texture and resulted in achieving obtainable nutrients. He also sprayed Biofit Wrapup every 15 to 20 days to prevent the spread of fungal and bacterial diseases. This helped in reducing Mr. Anwat's expenditure on fungicides.
Differences between the previous tomato crop and Biofit tomato crop
Previous tomato crop :
  • Production Cost / Acre: Rs.84,000
  • Average Production: 9.5 tons
  • Market Price: Rs.15 / kg
  • Total Income / Acre: Rs.1,42,000
  • Net Profit / Acre: Rs.58,500
Biofit tomato crop :
  • Production Cost/ Acre: Rs.82,000
  • Average Production: 12 tons
  • Market Price: Rs.17 / kg
  • Total Income / Acre: Rs.2,04,000
  • Net Profit / Acre: Rs.1,22,000
To ward off sucking insects, he sprayed Biofit Intact 4 times at an interval of 15-20 days. This reduced the cost of pesticides, improved the quality of the tomato crop, and increased the shelf life of the fruit. For proper growth of the tomatoes and to increase their production he sprayed Biofit Steamrich and Bio-99, 5 times during the growth stages of the crop. As a result, he received excellent production in the current Kharif season.