Mr. Vikram Nikam
Satara, Maharashtra.
Type of crop : Ginger
Total field land: 12 acres
Mr. Vikram Mahadeo Nikam has been harvesting ginger crop for last 8 to 10 years. However, most of his efforts used to go waste in the corrective measures after the crop was affected by the fungal infections and alike diseases. It used to slow down the growth of the crops affecting their quality. The ginger root used to look half rotten, hence used to fetch less market selling price.
After Mr. Nikam started using the Biofit range of products, he initially started the germination process of the ginger seeds in Biofit Stimrich and Biofit Wrapup. It helped the plants to grow 5 to 6 days prior to the schedule. He also sprayed Biofit Stimrich, Bio-99 and Intact in every 20 to 25 days. It helped him get a healthy growth of the crops.

They had ample of branches which nourished the roots of ginger. He used Biofit Wrapup via drip irrigation to prevent the fungal infestations. It prevented the rotting of the roots like it used to happen before.
Comparison between previous ginger farming and Biofit ginger farming-
Previous ginger farming:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 1,50,000
  • The average harvest: 125 quintals
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 2600/ per quintal
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs. 1,75,000
  • Quality of soil: hard
Biofit ginger farming:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 1,70,000
  • The average harvest: 180 quintals
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 2650/ per quintal
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 3,10,000
  • Quality of soil: Humorous
He had also used Biofir NPK and Biofit SHET via drip irrigation during the initial stages of the crop for 3 times. It helped him to have a humorous soil and healthy growth of the crop.

Mr. Nikam was overall benefitted using the Biofit products.