Mr. Ramchandra Karmaveer
Bidar, Karnataka..
Type of crop : Papaya
Total Field Area : 2.5 acres
Mr. Ramchandra Karmaveer has been cultivating the crop of papaya in his 2.5-acre land. He has total 3000 trees of Papaya. He was using a lot of synthetic chemicals-based fertilizers which eventually led to reduced water absorption capacity of the soil in his farm. Also, the number of earthworms had also been eventually reduced. Hence, over all his farms productivity had reduced considerably in last few years.
He came across the organic farming products of Biofit offered by Netsurf Network. After knowing the benefits, Mr. Karmaveer decided to try using Biofit products in his farm. Initially, he sprayed Biofit SHET and Biofit N, P & K with a dosage of 1 litre per acre. After that he started spraying Biofit Stimrich and Bio-99 on the first data of every month. He also sprayed Biofit Wrap up on the plants & trees twice a month.

All these changes started showing promising results in the field. The water retention capacity of the soil increased leading to an increased number of earthworms seen in the soil. The earthworms made the soil humorous. The leaves size was increased due to Biofit Stimrich, also the flowers droppage stopped and number of flowers and thereby the number of fruits increased. Thanks to Biofit Wrap up there was no impact of the white fungus or alike diseases on the fruits. Mr. Karmaveer also sprayed Intact 2 times for the prevention of sucking pests. Also his expenses on the synthetic chemical-based fertilisers in comparision with those of the other farmers in his village.
Comparison between previous papaya crop and Biofit papaya crop-
Previous papaya crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 1,10,000
  • Average yield: 21 tones/ acre
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 10/ per kilo (avg. weight of one papaya was 1.5 kg)
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 1,00,000
Biofit papaya crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 1,15,000
  • Average yield: 24.5 tones / acre
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 12/ per kilo
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 1,79,000
Today, Mr. Karmaveer proudly advises other farmers to use minimum of the synthetic chemical-based fertilisers and to adapt to the organic farming practices to increase the fertility of the farm. He calls it every farmer’s social responsibility.