Mr. Rama Amrut Bhigawade
Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Rama Bhigawade mainly grows fruit and vegetable crops. He uses new agricultural technologies, upgraded tools, and hybrid seeds while farming.

While yielding chilli crop he had to overcome many hindrances. For example, controlling the production cost and increasing the yield. While cultivating the chilli crops, he had to mostly spend on the management of diseases and pests.

At the beginning of the current season Mr. Bhigwade planted the chilly seedlings (hybrid varieties- A.G.S.- A.K.47) Then after 10 days, he used Biofit N.P.K. and Shet, each 1 ltr, mixed in 200 ml water and used the solution in an area of 1 acre, through drip irrigation. Similarly, the second dose was given at an interval of 25 days. This resulted in an increase in the availability of the soil nutrients, and also improved the texture of the soil.

Likewise, Biofit Steamrich and Bio-99 were sprayed at an interval of 20 days. Due to this, he achieved the right growth of the crop, the number of new spores, and flowering. It also increased the plants' immunity against climate change, pests and diseases.
Differences between the previous chilli crop and the Biofit chilli crop
Previous chilli crop :
  • Production cost/acre: Rs.95,000
  • Average production/quintal/acre: 90 quintals
  • Market rate/quintal: Rs.1800 quintals
  • Total production/acre: Rs.1,62,000
  • Net profit/acre: Rs.67,000
Biofit chilli crop :
  • Production cost/acre: Rs 1,20,000
  • Average production/quintal/acre: 115 quintals
  • Market rate/quintal: Rs.3800 quintalsविं
  • Total production/acre: Rs.4,37,000
  • Net profit/acre: Rs.3,17,000
He sprayed Biofit Intact and Rapup alternatively, within 15-20 days to stop the outbreak of succulent pests and fungal as well as bacterial infections upon the crop. This reduced his expenditure on chemical drugs. His chilli production boosted in the current year. The quality of the product improved too.