Mr. Janardan Ganpatrao Sawant,
Nanded, Maharashtra.
Type of crop : Papaya
Total field area : Horticultural 16 acres, Agrarian 2 acres
Mr. Janardan Ganpatrao Sawant started using Biofit products for his Papaya fruit cultivation along with the right care, fertilizers and water. He sprayed Biofit Stimrich and Bio 99 for 5 to 6 times during the growth stages of the plants. It helped his plants grow healthy. Thanks to Biofit INTACT, he faced minimum issues with the parasites as compared to that faced by his neighbourhood farmers. His expense on the other insecticides also reduced drastically and encouraged more Pollination by honeybees over his Papaya fruits. He also prevented his plants & fruits from any fungal infestations by spraying and dripping using Biofit Wrapup in every 15-20 days.
Mr. Sawant was keen on using organic fertilisers along with the chemical based fertilisers in for his Papaya plants. His used Biofit N, P & K and SHET products through drip irrigation which led to an improved soil fertility. As the nutrients supply from the soil to the plants improved, resultantly, the fruits became bigger and bulkier.
Mr. Sawant’s Papaya Fruit Yield Before and After using Biofit Products
Papaya Fruit Yield Before:
  • Cost of farm production per 1 acre of land: Rs. 1,10,000
  • The average harvest: 21 tones (1.5 kg/fruit)
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 10/Kg
  • Net Profits per 1 acre: Rs. 1,00,000
  • The Soil Conditions: The soil was hard, used to look white due to the alkali after watering.
Papaya Fruit Yield After using Biofit:
  • Cost of farm production per 1 acre of land: Rs.1,15,000
  • The average harvest: 24.5 tones (Rs. 1,800 to Rs 2,000/ fruit)
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 12/Kg
  • Net Profits per 1.5 acre: Rs. 1,75,000
  • The Soil Conditions: the whiteness of the soil reduced.
Hence, this year, Mr. Sawant was very satisfied seeing the yield after using Biofit products. Mr. Sawant had harvested 58 tones of Papayas in 2.5 acres of land. Also, the average weight of a papaya fruit was about 1.8 to 2 Kgs. He could sell it at the rate of Rs. 12/kg into the market.