Mr. Devidas Wankhede
Buldhana, Maharashtra.
Type of crop : Orange
Total Field Area : 60 acres
Mr. Devidas Sukhdev Wankhede has planted Orange’s crop over 38 acres of his total land of 60 acres. He started using Netsurf’s Biofit products on his oranges in July 2018. He first planted 800 new plants of oranges over 4 acres of his land and started using Biofit products over the same.
He got amazing results when he used Biofit SHET and Biofit Stimrich through drenching. Thereafter he also used Biofit Stimrich, Biofit wrapup, Biofit Intact, Bio-99 products through spray. All of which fetched him good results. To name a few, his expenditure on farming came down to a half of it. The 2 years old plants growth was like that of 4 years old plants. More number of thick leaves were observed. The heights of the plants were growing. The trunk was wider, and its slices looked shining.
Comparison between Previous orange crop and Biofit orange crop-
Previous orange crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 42,000
  • Average yield: 7.5 tones
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 22/ per Kg
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 1,23,000
  • Total yield production: Rs. 1,65,000
Biofit orange crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 48,000
  • Average yield: 9 tones
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 26/ per Kg
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 1,86,000
  • Total yield production: Rs. 2,34,000
The dropping rate of fruits diminished, and the number of healthy fruits increased. The quality of fruits was improved. The fruits had a shine and were bigger in size. They were juicier and more tasted sweet. As Mr. Wankhede has started getting better results in lower costs, he has now decided to use Biofit products across all over his field.