Mr. Chandan Kumar Behera
Jajpur, Odisha.
Type of crop : Rice
Mr. Chandankumar Behera cultivates rice in his farm every year. He was using various chemical-based fertilizers for better yield, however, just like the rest of the farmers, he was not able to get any better quantities of the rice yield. On the other hand the expenditure was on rise, Mr. Behera was worried about it.
He heard about Netsurf Network’s Biofit range of organic products from someone. He met with a few farmers who had used the Biofir products themselves, checked the results himself. When he felt sure, he started farming using Biofit’s organic practices of farming.

He started using Biofit products for the rice crop of his then current season. He conducted seed processing using Biofit Stimrich, and as a result he witnessed a better germination of the seeds. The he sprayed Biofit Stimrich and Bio-99 for 3 times with an interval of 15-20 days. He used a mixture of Biofit NPK and Biofit SHET through the water flood system once a month for 3 months. It helped to have a healthy growth of the crop, with more plants and the crop was greener. It really helped the final yield.
Comparison between previous rice crop and Biofit rice crop-
Previous rice crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 15,000
  • Average yield: 23 quintal/ acre
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 1200/ per quintal
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 12,600
Biofit rice crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 12,500
  • Average yield: 27 quintal / acre
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 1200/ per quintal
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 19,900
Because he used the organic products of Biofit, his expenditure over the checmical-based fertilizers reduced drastically. Witnessing his amazing results in his farm, his neighboring farmers are impressed and interested in using the Biofit products. Mr. Behera is extremely satisfied with the results of the Biofit products and has decided to use them for the rest of his crops as well.