Mr. Ashok More
Parbhani, Maharashtra.
Type of crop : Cotton
Total Field Area : 4 acres
Mr. Ashok More has been cultivating various kharif and rabbi crops every year. He cultivates the crop of cotton on 3.5 to 4 acres of his land every year. While cultivating the cotton he uses the NH545 type seeds that are suitable for the drought farming. He used to face a lot of issues because of the diseases and insects in his farm. Also as he has a drought farm, he needed to manage the water very efficiently as any lesser supply of water or heavy rains could ruin the crops.
Mr. More started using Biofit products in last kharif season. He sprayed Biofit Stimrich & Bio-99 during the growth stages of the plants for 3 times. It helped the cotton plants to grow better. Also the crops were looking healthy even during the sensitive water drought situation. It also led to reduced flower dropping. Biofit NPK and Biofit SHET was used in the initial months via drip irrigation. It helped to improve the quality of soil. It also helped him to reduce his expenditure on chemical-based fertilizers
Comparison between previous cotton crop and Biofit cotton crop-
Previous cotton crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 20,000
  • Average yield: 8 quintal/ acre
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 5500/ per quintal
  • Total production: Rs. 44,000
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 24,000
Biofit cotton crop:
  • Cost per 1 acre: Rs. 24,000
  • Average yield: 11 quintals
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 5600/ per quintal
  • Total Production: Rs. 61,600
  • Net Profits per acre: Rs 37,600
He sprayed Biofit Intact for 2 times to prevent the entry of sucking pests. It helped and compared to the neighboring farms, he was safe from the sucking pests.