Herbal Dental Paste

This product is formulated to bring you the goodness of nature to start your day. The herbs present in Herbal Dental Paste such as Margosa Extract (Neem), Lodh and Clove Oil offer you a cleansing, cooling, soothing, and low-foam forming effect, naturally. This fluoride-free herbal dental paste acts as your one-stop solution in oral care, giving you a fresh mouthfeel. It also helps to remove tartar. Have a healthy smile with a dentifrice made of carefully chosen traditional herbs based on Ayurveda.

Why Herbal Dental Paste?
Contains carefully chosen ingredients from Ayurveda such as Aloe Vera, Margosa Extract (Neem), Lodh and Clove Oil.
Gently cleans the mouth and gives fresh breath.
Strengthens the gums and teeth.
Removes plaque and gives a clean mouthfeel.
Key Ingredients
Aloe Vera

Full of Vitamins and Minerals which help in maintaining a clean mouthfeel.

Margosa Extract (Neem) & Lodh Tree

Cleanses the mouth cavity and provides fresh breath.

Clove Oil

Helps to enhance the freshness in the breath.

Does this toothpaste also work for sensitive teeth?

This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent dental problems due to any reason. This product helps nourish the gums, cleanses the tartar and gives you a clean and fresh mouthfeel.

Does this product help in whitening of teeth?

This product doesn't give the whitening effect to teeth but it cleans the teeth and removes the tartar.

Does this product contain Flouride?

No, it is a Fluoride-free formulation.

Can this product be used for babies? Is there any specific age limit for kids?

Herbs & More Herbal Dental Paste can be used by kids above three years of age. However, parental monitoring is advised to prevent accidental consumption of the paste.

Will there be any problem if I swallow the product?

The product is not for consumption. It is generally not observed to be harmful if you consume a small quantity of the product. It is however advised to consult a physician in case of accidental consumption of excessive quantity or any adverse effects after consumption of the product.

Is this product sugar-free? If yes, then do you add any other sweetener?

Yes, it doesn't contain any sugar. This product contains a sweetener which is sugar-free.