Herbal Under Eye Gel

An effective water based under eye gel formula that may help to reduce the appearance of puffiness and may help tighten the skin around the eyes. It contains Chicory Flower and Cocoa Fruit extract that may help maintain a healthy blood circulation around the eyes and balance the under eye skin tones to reduce the signs of fatigue.
This product is dermatologically tested and shown to be hypoallergenic in the studies.

Key Ingredients
Vitamin E

Helps to maintain a youthful look.

Vitamin C

Nourishes the skin and may help the skin to appear firmer.

Cocoa Fruit

It may help maintain a healthy blood circulation around the eyes and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Chicory Flower Extract

Vitalizes the skin and provides essential nourishment to balance skin tone.

Will this product give itchiness to my eyes after applying? Does this product contain any harmful ingredients like paraffin or parabens?

Herbs & More Under Eye Gel contains 100% Natural Extracts and no harmful synthetic chemicals are added. It is paraffin-free, paraben-free and with a pH balanced formula, that is dermatologically tested as a non-irritant.

How long should I use this product to see the result of the under eye problem?

The result varies from person to person, their habits, nutrition and sleeping hours.

Does this product reduce wrinkles and crow's feet near my eyes?

This product contains Chicory and Cocoa Extract may help maintain a healthy blood circulation around the eyes and balance under eye skin tones while reducing signs of fatigue.

Why do you need to massage while applying this product?

Massage improves the blood circulation around the eye sockets. It creates a combination of vibration, heat, and compression to relieve the tension, in and around the eye area.

How do you massage this product around the eyes?

Use your middle finger to massage, using gentle tapping motions. Tap in a circle around the eyes. Tapping brings proper blood flow to the area. Move outwards along the eyebrows, then inwards along the top of your cheekbones toward the bridge of your nose, in a circular motion. Repeat this for 30 seconds.