Herbal Hair Serum

Herbs & More Hair Serum comes with the goodness of Pea Sprout Extract and Basil Hairy Root Extract along with Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. It vitalizes lifeless hair, strengthens them, and makes frizzy hair manageable. Its advanced phytonutrient blend adds lustre, moisturizes the scalp, and helps make hair look fuller.
This product is dermatologically tested and shown to be hypoallergenic in the studies.

Key Ingredients
Pea Sprout Extract

Maintains the vitality of hair and nourishes the scalp.

Basil Hairy Root Culture Extract

Helps make hair look fuller

Coconut Oil

Maintains strength of the hair strands and moisturizes them. It is rich in nutrients.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Stimulates natural hair growth; a potent hair conditioner; acts as a moisturizer for hair.

Vitamin E

Maintains moisture in the hair and strengthens them.

Vitamin B5

Makes hair look fuller and manageable.

As my hair is oily, will it make my hair more sticky?

No, the product contains a unique blend of oils and herbal extracts that deeply nourishes hair without leaving stickiness.

Will my hair become bouncy after applying this product?

It contains Vitamin B5 that makes hair look fuller, vital and dense.

How long should I use this product to see the result of baldness control?

The result of baldness control is subjective. There are different types of baldness, it varies from person to person, their habits, nutrient intake, and stress levels. Hence, this product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent baldness due to any reason. It contains a unique ingredient like Organic Pea Sprout Extract that prolongs the life-cycle and restores the vitality of hair.

What is the difference between a Hair Conditioner and Hair Serum? If I am already using a conditioner,
do I need to use a Hair Serum as well?

The product form and usage of both products are different. A Hair Conditioner is to be used only on wet hair and then washed with water, while a Hair Serum can be used on wet as well as on dry hair.
You can use a Hair Serum after using the conditioner as it will help to improve the feel, appearance, and manageability of hair.

Can I use this product if I have a dandruff problem?

Yes, this product has not demonstrated to affect or increase the dandruff problems. However, we always recommend to check for the suitability of the product in case you have any skin, hair complaints and discontinue use in case of any non-suitability or increase in the complaints. Dandruff generally makes the hair rough and unmanageable and using a Hair Serum might help make hair smooth and silky.

Can I use this product to straighten my curly hair?

No, this product helps to make hair manageable and reduces its frizziness.

Will this product help to prevent hair breakage problem and detangle my hair?

It contains Vitamin E and Coconut Oil which help to moisturize the hair and strengthen hair follicles.

Can I use this Hair Serum for styling?

Yes, you can do temporary styling to hair with this Hair Serum.