Product Philosophy, Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care

Our Product Philosophy stands on three major pillars. These three pillars are the guiding principles for product development and innovation.

Consumer Need and Demand
While developing any new product,
we logically try to answer two basic questions:
1) Is there a need for this product?
2) Does it address the problems faced by the consumers?
Hence, every single consumer who is buying our product is not merely buying the product but is actually buying a delightfully assured solution to their problem.
Products with 100% Natural and Herbal Ingredients
We value nature’s best available source - the medicinal herb. With the help
of cutting - edge technology and our robust in-house research, we provide
natural based ingredients and result oriented
products across all ranges of Health & Wellness,
Personal Care, Makeup and Home Care.
Quality & Affordability
We source and choose the finest ingredients
in their purest form and create a formulation
that builds harmony with your body.
Our laboratories are state-of-the-art and
our facilities, well accredited and certified.
Consumers often correlate good products with
premium pricing. At Netsurf Direct, we offer products meeting the highest levels of quality, at affordable prices. Our satisfaction lies in providing best quality products which
add to consumer delight.
Product Development Process
Problem identification
Market analysis
SWOT and GAP analysis
R&D and product conceptualization
Product formulation and stability study
Lab trials and product sampling
Scientific data analysis of lab trials and
Product sampling data
Product positioning, segmentation, and packaging
Product certification and IPRs
Actual floor manufacturing
Clinical trials
Product life-cycle monitoring and management