Terms & Condition-Netsurf Direct, Direct Selling
  • Introduction
  • Enrollment
  • Product Packs
  • Ways of Earning
  • Terms & Conditions

a. NBO: Netsurf Business Owner (meaning same as a distributor or direct seller).

b. Retail Sales Profit: Profit earned through the retail sale of Netsurf’s products.

c. Leadership Business: The business activity in which an NBO joins new members in his/her team.

d. Downline leg: In Netsurf's Direct Selling business, an NBO can add new people in his downline. These downline members are divided into 2 legs, Leg 1 and Leg 2. The product purchase made by the NBO is also considered as one of the legs.

e. Business Cycle: A business cycle is completed when the same number of BPs are matched amongst leg 1 and leg 2 of any NBO, at the end of every month.

Enrollment Process

a. How to Enroll: Enrollment with Netsurf Direct as an NBO is subject to an invitation from an existing NBO. The invitation can be received either via email or through a text message. One can simply fill in the personal details and enroll.

b. Enrollment Fee: An individual, once invited, can enroll with Netsurf Direct for FREE. There is no enrollment fee charged to the newcomer direct seller.

c. Enrollment Options: There are two options offered while enrolling. Option 1, to buy a Starter Kit. Option 2, to buy a Starter Kit along with a Product Pack of one's choice. One also gets his/her login credentials at netsurfdirect.com and access to Netsurf Direct Mobile application on enrollment.

d. Starter Kit: This kit includes all the necessary information in the form of brochures, catalogues, starter guide, product price charts, NBO agreements, and Netsurf Direct Smart Card. The Starter Kit is a must to have for the new NBO to get acquainted with Netsurf’s Direct Selling business opportunity and the products. The Starter Kit comes at a price of $90 plus tax as applicable.

e. Product Packs: Product Packs contain different combinations of Netsurf Products for the NBO to experience. The advantage of purchasing a Product Pack is that you can start experiencing the products yourself and have the ability to start selling the products immediately while earning a commission on those products. There are multiple Product Packs of the products that can be opted for while starting with the business. The NBO can either consume these products or sell them to other people in his social circle.

f. Annual Renewal Fee: There is no Annual Renewal Fee charged every year. Once the NBO is enrolled, his account will be automatically renewed in the next year if he has earned the commission, at least once in the previous financial year. But if the NBO fails to earn one commission in the earlier year and he desires to renew his account, then the NBO can purchase the ‘Annual Renewal Pack’, which will be available on Netsurf Direct’s website or mobile app.

g. Inventory Purchase upon Enrollment: An individual may or may not purchase the inventory of Netsurf’s products upon enrollment. It’s a matter of an individual choice.

h. Monthly Membership/Subscription Fee: There is no Monthly Membership or Subscription Fee charged to the NBOs of Netsurf Direct. However, they need to purchase Netsurf’s products worth a certain predetermined amount, every month to remain active in the business.

Product Purchase

a. Purchasing the products right after enrolling with Netsurf Direct is NOT mandatory. The NBO can take time to understand the business avenues and then take the decision about purchasing the products.

b. Initially, every NBO needs to purchase a Product Pack to procure products. After the first purchase of the Product Pack, the NBO can opt to buy the products of his/her choice through Netsurf Direct’s mobile app or website.

Disbursement of Commission

a. The financial year will be the same as per the calendar year.

b. All the commissions will be calculated at the end of every week and will be paid to the NBO at the end of every calendar month.

c. The NBO will get Netsurf Direct Smart Card which will be credited with the commissions and retail profits earned in every month. The NBO can utilize the balance in his/her Netsurf Direct Smart Card by swiping it across or through payment gateways.

Global Policy

One Reference, One World: Once an NBO connects with Netsurf Direct, he can conduct the business from any country where Netsurf Direct has its presence.

The Netsurf Direct Income Disclosure
This illustration is only for educational purposes and is not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. The average participant (“Netsurf Business Owner”) in this business earns between $200 and $1,000 per year. Some earn less while some earn much more.