Ways of Earning at Netsurf I Direct Selling
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Retail Profits
Retail Profits is the difference between the Retail Price and DP earned by the NBO by selling Netsurf products to customers. The NBO can retail Netsurf products online (through his personal shopping portal link) as well as offline. In the case of online retailing, the Retail Profits are added to the NBO’s commission and credited to his account.
Welcome Bonus
A Welcome Bonus is earned by the NBO when he joins a new NBO in his downline. This bonus depends on the product pack opted by the newly joined NBO.
Business Commission

At Netsurf Direct an NBO can join any number of NBOs in his team.
The Business Commission is earned by an NBO by conducting networking activities in his downline team. Whenever the team members in downline buy Netsurf Direct products and earn BPs, the NBO earns Business Commission.

How to calculate the Business Commission?

All the downline NBOs are divided into 2 legs - leg 1 & leg 2. The highest earning team is considered as leg 1 of any NBO and leg 2 consists of the sum of the business done by the rest of the downline NBOs appointed by the first NBO. Even the product purchase volume of the NBO is also considered as one of his legs.

Once the legs are sorted as 1 & 2, the NBO needs to match the same number of BPs from both legs, at the end of every calendar month, to be able to earn Business Commission.

The NBO gets 3% of the matching BPs earned through both the legs.
The balance of the remaining BPs in both the legs will be carried forward up to the next 1 calendar month.



An NBO’s downline earned BPs in a month which are as follows:

Leg 1: 7000 BPs
Leg 2: 2000 BPs
Leg 3: 2700 BPs
Leg 4: 300 BPs
(During the same month he purchased products worth 300BPs.)

In this case, his leg 1 will be considered as the maximum leg which is worth 7000 BPs and the sum of the other legs, will be leg 2.
Hence Leg 2 = 2000 + 2700 + 300 = 5000 BPs.
So, the system will match 5000 BPs from both legs.
Our system will do the summation of matched BPs from both legs. The summation of both legs, leg 1 and leg 2 is 10,000 BPs.

Hence, the NBO will get 3% Business Commission on 10,000 BPs, which is $300.
In this case, the balance 2000 BPs from leg 1 will be carried forward to the next calendar month.
An NBO can achieve maximum $100,000 as Business Commission in a month.

Concept: Generations

Let’s understand the concept of Generations with the help of an example:
A sponsored B & E in his team and B sponsored D in his own team. Hence, in this case, B & E represent the first generation of A. Similarly, D represents the second generation of A.

Retail Business Development Bonus

This bonus is applicable on the retail business done by Generation 1 of the NBOs, in any particular calendar month. However, it is not applicable on the first product purchase by the NBOs. More the retailing done by Generation-1, more will be the bonus you earn. The bonus will be calculated on the total BPs earned by all the Generation 1 NBOs in any calendar month.


Example :

This is the network of A. Amongst all the downlines, B, D, E and G represent Generation 1 of A. (which means that they are directly appointed by A.)

BPs earned by the Gen-1 NBOs:

B: 100 BPs

D: 130 BPs

E: 75 BPs

& G: 50 BPs

Hence, the Retail Business Development Bonus of A will be calculated as mentioned below:
100 + 130 + 75 + 50 = 355 BPs
Hence, the applicable percentage for 355 BPs for A’s bonus calculation is 10%. Thus, the Retail Business Development Bonus of A will be 10% of the total BPs earned by B, D, E & G in that calendar month.

NBO Club Levels:

The NBO can achieve greater club levels for availing more income opportunities. There are 8 different club levels in Netsurf Direct as mentioned below which are categorized into three groups:


Upgrading Club Levels:

An NBO needs to achieve the targets as mentioned in the table below in order to upgrade his/her club level:


Important condition:

Gold Executive’ status is a permanent status to be achieved by an NBO by appointing 16 directs. However, the next club level status will be subject to achievement. Hence, the club levels above Gold Executive will be flexible depending on the number of cycles achieved by that NBO in any particular calendar month.

Example :

A, an NBO, matched 25,000 BPs from both legs and earned $1500 as Business Commission by the end of May. Hence, he became Pearl Executive for the month of June.
By the end of June, A matched 50,000 BPs from both legs and earned $3000 as Business Commission. Hence, A became Sapphire Director for the month of July.
However, his performance lowered in the month of July and he could match only 12,500 BPs from both legs and earned $750 as Business Commission by the end of July. So, in that case, A went back to the status of Jade Executive for the month of August.
Hence, the club level status will be flexible and will be subject to change as per the number of business cycles achieved by the NBO and his team in every particular calendar month.

Leadership Bonus

Netsurf Direct considers up to 7 generations for calculating the Leadership Bonus of any NBO. The bonus is calculated on the basis of the below-mentioned calculations :

These percentages are calculated on the Business Commission earned by the NBO’s generations.


Example :

A is at the Sapphire Director club level in a particular calendar month. His generations earned the commission as mentioned below:

All Gen-1 NBOs earned a total commission of $300.

All Gen-2 NBOs earned a total commission of $200.

All Gen-3 NBOs earned a total commission of $100.

Hence the Leadership Bonus of A will be calculated as mentioned below : (300 x 15%) + (200 x 10%) + (100 x 10%)

= 45 + 20 + 10 = $75

Hence, Leadership Bonus of A = $75

Presidential Bonus

Diamond President and Crown Diamond President are the highest club levels in Netsurf Direct. They operate at the most responsible and respected positions in the network. Hence, they are entitled to avail certain additional privileges and bonuses every quarter.
In every quarter of the year, a kitty is created with a certain percentage of the Global Business Volume of Netsurf Direct.
Diamond President NBOs get 3% while Crown Diamond President NBOs get 2% of the Global Business Volume. The eligible NBOs earn this bonus in proportion to the network tree they own.

Bonus calculations :

• Diamond President Club level: 3%

• Crown Diamond President Club level: 2%

Notes :

a. This bonus is earned in proportion to the network tree of the eligible NBOs.

b. The NBOs should maintain the club levels throughout every quarter to avail this bonus.

Club Netsurf

Travel around the globe and experience luxury lifestyle with fellow achievers through Club Netsurf.

Club Netsurf is a lifestyle rewards program for all NBOs who achieve their respective targets. The targets will be set specific to each club level. Club Netsurf will be availed only by those who achieve the specified targets.
Club Netsurf will be conducted in every 6 months.

Fastrack Training System

This is a professional training system for all NBOs to achieve success speedily in this business.

To avail these Fastrack trainings, you need to achieve the targets every month, for 6 consecutive months of the year.
The achievers will attend the Residential Fastrack Conferences for 1 Night and 2 Days, for FREE.

The Netsurf Direct Income Disclosure
This illustration is only for educational purposes and is not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. The average participant (“Netsurf Business Owner”) in this business earns between $200 and $1,000 per year. Some earn less while some earn much more.